When you are looking to undertake fence installation Ottawa has many options for you to pick from. However, at Deluxe Fencing and Decks, we know what it takes to get the job done in good time. Fencing can be a very challenging job to take on, so if you want to avoid the challenge and the stress, we’ll be more than happy to take a look for you.

At Deluxe Fencing and Decks we know it’s very important that your new fence is installed in a professional, timely manner. This is why our team delivers a whole range of residential fencing to fit all needs. From nice and simple to something a touch more bespoke and intricate, we are more than happy to work with you to find the perfect form of fencing. You know what you are looking for, so let us help your vision come to life with the absolute minimum of fuss.

We’ve spent many years honing our craft and improving our product offering. This is what makes our high-quality fence installation in Ottawa such a sure thing; we have the experience and expertise to deliver. Are you sick of feeling like your property lacks privacy, security and homeliness? Then let us help. We can deliver the kind of fence installation Ottawa residents need, want and deserve.

Don’t put up with sub-standard contracting; let us get involved and make sure the job reaches the standards that you deserve.

What Variety of Fences Do We Offer ?

Western Red Cedar Fences

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Pressure Treated Wood Fences

Vinyl (PVC) Fences

PVC Fence in Ottawa

Chain Link Fences

Iron Fences

  • Western Red Cedar Fences. This particular kind of fence installation in Ottawa is a very popular style. It’s made from high-quality red cedar wood, and carries a very particular and elegant style. A very common choice among our clients.
  • Pressure Treated Fences. Many people choose to go for this as their fence installation as it offers a greater level of durability, resistance and strength. Made to last for years and requires you to make minimal levels of maintenance to keep it in good shape; a fine choice for combating the elements.
  • PVC Fencing. Very popular fencing, this is easy to maintain, carries a nice minimalistic look and can easily blend into the household overall. A fine choice for anyone who fancies a more reliable, stylish kind of fencing. Easy to work with and to ensure that the fence looks just as you require.
  • Chain Link Fencing. This makes sense for everything from yards to adding a touch of extra security to your household. If you want to keep the place nice and secure, our chain link fencing installation in Ottawa can make sure you are left with extra protection.
  • Iron Fencing. Iron fences tend to last for years, made from high-quality materials that offers a strong and sturdy solution. Fencing is a major part of your overall look at a property, and we can make sure that you are left with a high quality fencing installation Ottawa residents will respect and leave well alone.
  • Fence Repairs. We also deliver fully bespoke fencing repair to help make sure you can get your fence back up to scratch. If you are sick of seeing your fence look dilapidated and weak, we can make sure such problems become a thing of the past.


Professional Ottawa Fencing Installation

Thanks to the above, we can help to make your property:

  • Far more modernized and impressive from a visual point of view.
  • Safer and easier to keep protected.
  • Much more private, removing any issues or visibility.
  • Valuable in the eyes of a potential buyer in the long-term.
  • Easier to feel comfortable about leaving unattended when on holiday.

Each of these scenarios can offer you great peace of mind. If you would like to work with reliable fence installation Ottawa residents should contact us today. We can arrange a free consultation with you to swing by and take a look at your current fencing. Then we can create a full and fair estimate to help you fully understand how much you would be looking to invest to get the fencing you need.

Got any questions or feel uncertain about any aspect of the fencing installation service we offer? Then contact us today!

We love answering questions and want you to feel 100% comfortable before a single hole is dug into the ground. So, let us know what your concerns are and we’ll do everything that we can to get rid of said fears and make life much simpler.