Getting Your Yard Ready This Spring

The snow is finally gone! At last you see a lawn where the frozen wasteland used to be. It’s funny though, your yard probably doesn’t look exactly the same as it did before winter took over. It’s covered in water, leaves and debris of all sorts. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of other things that aren’t in great shape. It’s time to get to work.


Lawn Thatch

If you can step on your lawn and leave an impression with your foot then you should consider de-thatching. Lawn thatch can not only block out the resources your lawn needs to thrive but can also attract unwanted insects. For a small yard, de-thatching can be done by hand. For a bigger yard though, it’s best to either rent a machine or find a service to help.


Still Wet

Chances are your lawn is still wet from all of the melted snow, so that limits the work to be done for the time being. This is as good a time as any to take the time and have a look around the yard to take inventory of the spring maintenance to be done. Next, get started picking up the debris. A rake will be useful, but be careful not to tear into the ground too much just yet.


Once Dry

Once your lawn has dried up, you should consider cutting it if it’s grown in. Next, another clean up with a rake. This time, don’t be afraid to be a bit rougher. Try not to go too hard though. The goal here is to remove anything that’s preventing air, rain and sunlight from reaching your lawn.



Finally, once your lawn is clean it might need some nourishment. There are a variety of beliefs as to which is the best to encourage your lawn to grow, so we’ll leave this part up to you. So then with the lawn well taken care of, you can move on to the next job! Maybe lawn aeration or taking care of your garden?


Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the work ahead. It can be a fun way to spend some time as a family and come together to return your backyard to something you can all be proud of. Now get out there and get to work!

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