Building a wood fence western red cedar fences vs pressure treated fences

Building a Wood Fence in Ottawa: Western Red Cedar Fences vs. Pressure Treated Fences

A popular choice among many homeowners are wood fences. They are fantastic, not only as a barrier for a pool or small children and pets, but also go a long way in ensuring privacy.


The most common types of wood fence in Ottawa are pressure treated fences and western red cedar fences. So many of our clients have asked us which is the better choice. In this article we’re going to discuss some pros and cons of each to help make your decision more clear.


Pros of Western Red Cedar Fences and Pressure Treated Fences

Both western red cedar fences and pressure treated fences are made up of very solid materials. These products are strong, and they are resistant to decomposition. This is very important since ease of maintenance is a must for most homeowners.


Even with the harsh winters here in Ottawa, both materials are resistant to this weather which makes them perfect for backyard residential fences.


Additionally, these types of wood fences enhance the backyard appearance of the home. For some, the classic look of a wood fence just can’t be beat. The appearance and condition of the fence is an important factor to many since it helps to increase the home’s value as well.


Both western red cedar fence and pressure treated fence are fairly priced compared to other types of privacy fences such as PVC. This is a great advantage to homeowners seeking privacy fence since it helps to minimize the cost of home improvements.


Cons of Western Red Cedar Fences and Pressure Treated Fences

Compared to other materials that are used for fencing such as steel, wrought iron and PVC, it can be observed that wood is sometimes not as durable; especially when not properly cared for. Regular maintenance is required to keep the wood fence in top shape.


Over time, wood fences have to be replaced due to rotting caused by old age, adverse weather or poor installation, among other factors. If the post holes are not properly dug, the fence could also become unstable and heave. This can result in the entire fence being affected.


The rising cost of western red cedar, in particular, is the other issue of concern that has resulted in many homeowners seeking other more affordable alternatives for backyard fencing. Pressure treated wood fences are the less expensive alternative.


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